Student safety is our number one concern and I ask that you follow the procedures outlined below when picking up your child:

1. Please enter the parking lot through the Matzke Rd entrance only.
2. Please exit the campus by using the driveway next to the band practice field, provided that pedestrian traffic is all cleared, which usually should be about 3-5 minutes after dismissal. 
3. Please do not drive directly behind the band hall to pick up your child.  We ask that you park in the parking lot adjacent to Matzke Road, and instruct your child to meet you there.  Please go over with them your child reasonable precautions regarding moving in and around this area of traffic.
4. Please wait until 3-5 minutes after rehearsal end time to come to pick up your child, or arrive 10 minutes before end time.  Parents are always welcome to watch our rehearsals, and quite often the final activity in a rehearsal is a "run-through" of material to be performed that week.
5. We ask that you not use the driveway from the band practice field to the band room while students are using this as a walkway.   
6. Encourage your child to be aware of their safety. 

The idea behind these guidelines is that we keep the pathway where students will walk and move equipment, and the traffic flow pattern for vehicles separate.