Every practice, outing, game, competition, fundraiser, banquet and concert needs parental support. 
We welcome your smiling face and active participation. Unless you’re involved already, you’ve never had such a fun and rewarding experience as volunteering to support your student - and an organization like ours!

We Need You!

  • Chaperones

  • Uniform Distribution & Maintenance

  • Summer Tent

  • Spirit Sales

  • Pit Crew

  • Hospitality

For more information on the positions above, contact the Booster Vice President: or go to the Volunteer Interest Form and tell us how you can help!

What Do We Do?

  • Event Helpers - We need an army of helpers to work shifts over the course of one or two weekends and work on sub-committees.

  • Summer Tent Support - One or two parents are needed to man the medical tent during Summer Band Camp.

  • Chaperones – Football games, contests & social events, such as our annual August Lock-In, require parent chaperones to be with students at all times & are assigned some simple duties.

  • Pit Crew - We are responsible for loading/unloading & transporting some percussion & sound system equipment, as well as the director’s and drum majors portable stands/podiums to games & contests & sets it up and takes it back down during the fall marching season only.

  • Hospitality Committee - We transport coolers full of drinks & ice for our students to games& contests. They also need bakers to supply cookies/brownies for social events and concerts year-round as well as breakfast foods such as casseroles, muffins, etc. for a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast that band hosts. They also need servers for these events as well.

  • Photographers/Videographers - Our Historians need people who enjoy photography and like to take pictures at our events year-round and provide imagery for the annual banquet at the end of the school year.

  • Uniform Fitting & Maintenance – At the beginning of band camp students need to be measured & fitted & we occasionally need to mend during the marching season.

  • Spirit Shop Sales Support - Spirit Sales Committee can use your help occasionally with selling items at Booster meetings throughout the year and maybe at a game.