Mr. Nelson teaches the 4th period Arnold beginning percussion class.  His home campus is at Cy-Fair High School, so finding him at the Arnold might be difficult.  He is best contacted by email

Below are important documents for beginning students and parents.

Beginner Percussion Supplies List

  • Stick Bag (This should be taken home everyday and brought back to school)

  • All Sticks and Mallets are kept in the stick bag (Except for practice marimba mallets and 2nd pair of snare sticks).

  • 1" Binder should fit in your stick bag.   

  • All 3 books stay in your stick bag Pencil (keep one in your stick bag at all times)

  • "Remo" Snare Practice Pad & Stand (This will remain at school) Orange & Black "Tap Off" Pad and one pair of snare sticks will stay at home

  • Practice Marimba will stay at home with the blue rubber mallets.

  • I will label all of the supplies they bring to school with their name.  I am very particular on exactly how to label their equipment. 

Loaner Pad Agreement Form

Practice Record Form

Speednote Reading Tutor!

16th note Timing Exercise